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Daphne Charms Poncho (sort  of)


Daphne Data

Eight days ago Daphne was weighed at the vet's office.  She weighed 20.5 lbs.  Today she weighs 24 lbs.  Shes a growing girl.  I'm keeping a sharp eye on her weight. Hmmmmmm...








Quick Note to Daphne's Breeder


 Hi Cindy,

Okey Dokey then. As soon as we pulled into my driveway she vomited up a huge amount of dog food AND a Green plastic piece like from a toy. Then she re-ate the dog food and I had to wrestle her for the green thing. 

 We tied a big red scarf around her neck and brought her into John. He immediately fell in love with her. We all decided she was more of a Daphne than a Clementine so that's who she is now. 

We went out to the patio while Stacie located a harness that would fit her. She walked over to the pool and started to take a drink 'cause hey! To her it looked like the world's biggest water bowl. She fell in ass over tea kettle and I was screaming, "John! Stacie! Help help the baby is sinking like a stone!  She's gonna drown!"  Stacie to the rescue. She was able to grab her and pull her out.  She has her harness on now.

 She's very smart. She's been in and out of the doggie door three times all by herself. The other dogs inspected her and got quickly bored .  All three are now napping. She's acting like she's always lived here. She snores like a Snufflelufagus. I adore her.



It Had to Be You