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The Cuban Poopalotta



I love my little Havanese, Rico.  I wish he could talk.  I'd like to know what his life was all about.  We bought him used.  Even then, he didn't come cheap.  We already have over 1200$ into him.  He was allegedly reclaimed by the breeder from a family that bought him for a disabled child.  The story continued that the child became ill, hospital bills crippled the family and they could no longer care for the dog.  The breeder is very reputable here in Florida.  I do know that Taffy's breeder told us that if we ever needed to rehome her to contact her and that she'd take the dog back and find it the proper home.  So maybe it's true about Rico.  It doesn't matter.  The breeder gave us all of Rico's medical history, copies of vet bills, his AKC registration and his Canine Good Citizen certificate.  We've repaid his medical bills...neutering, removal of undescended testical, extraction of a few baby teeth that never fell out (common among Havanese), shots etc.  We paid his plane fare from NY to the breeder in FL.  We picked him up at the breeder's home in Sarasota.  We had him bathed and groomed when we got him, took him for a vet check once we got him back to Palm Beach, got his heartworm and Frontline and his Florida rabies shot and tag and some ear infection medication.  Then right before Janet and Shirley arrived he went into our groomer here to have the hair inside his ears plucked and then a proper grooming as only Scott can do.  I'm keeping him in a puppy cut.  I don't like the fancy long coat.  So, that's where the money has gone.

I wish Rico could talk because I think he's been abused.  If anyone speaks loudly or in a sharp tone, he immediately goes on his back belly up.  If a hand is raised up near him, he goes belly up.  He's very vigilant, always watching.  We've had him almost a month and a half and he's getting less timid all the time.  He's very sweet.  At first he shied away from beeing kissed (yes, I kiss the dogs on the top of their heads), but now he tries to kiss back.  At first he slept in his crate, but now he's a bed dog.  He sleeps curled against me, right where he can feel my heart beating.  I'm good with that even if others disapprove.  If we go out, all we have to do is say "BeddyBye" and he walks into his crate.  I've taught him to stand on his back legs and twirl in a circle "Dance" for a treat and he loves to do it.  He's very smart.

The latest Rico trauma has been what has earned him the Cuban Poopalotta designation.  He was billed as fully housebroken.  He had issues.  I thought maybe stress related. He was so fidgety and could never settle down.   When the Brits arrived, he was pooping on every throw rug in the house about four times a day in spite of many walks and also a fenced yard.  It was frustrating and embarassing.  I began referring to him as the Cuban Poopalotta just to keep from taking it all too seriously.  I quickly realized when cleaning up that he was  full of worms!  Evidently he had not been on Heartworm Meds. (it kills all worms/intestinal parasites) before.  When we started the Heartguard, I guess he started getting rid of those worms.  What a challenge all of that was.  I tried to be really calm about it because I know he couldn't help it. he's finally stopped pooping inside on Wednesday (the day the Brits left).  Thank goodness for tile floors and washable throw rugs.  He hasn't gone in the house since Wednesday.  He's calm and can sleeps a lot more than he did.  I walk him a couple of times a day and he scratches the glass of the sliding door to go out to the side yard.  The worst seems to be over.  Poor little dog.

Those who aren't dog people will find all of this ridiculous or gross or whatever.  Those who have dogs and love them will understand...

Reader Comments (2)

well if the people had no money then i suppose the first thing to go would be medication for the dog. interesting i took on a cat belonging to a disabled woman who could no longer liver on her own. supposed to have been much loved and very cared for. she sat on the sofa with me, purring her head off, turned away and there was all these worms wriggling out of her backside. ugh, what a subject. had a rescue dog who was supposed to be very clean but had real troubles for the first couple of months, very often change of homes can throw even the most house clean animal. mind you, traumatised children usually wet beds and things. glad things are now coming together and you have managed to stick it out with your aroma problem. many wouldn't, if i was wearing a hat i would take it off to you. at least you can keep your windows and doors open, at low temperatures as they are now at chez glebeland all windows and doors tightly closed.

November 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJill

Very pleased about Rico
Those brits must really have worried him
Hope it stay as it is now

November 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterShirley

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