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Skip Obama! Dittohead 101 is in Session...

The nurse is on her way to hook me up to the damn day-long IV.  Thought I'd leave some reading material for you.  I needed a smile this morning.


Column: Skip Obama! Dittohead 101 is in session

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Saturday, September 05, 2009

News item: Parents of students in the Palm Beach County School District may send a written request to excuse their children from listening to President Obama's address to the nation's schoolchildren on Tuesday.

The option to ignore the presidential address is due in part to Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer, who characterized the president's speech on the value of working hard and staying in school as a ploy to "indoctrinate" children into a "socialist ideology."

Dear Socialized Education Principal:

I am writing this letter first of all to voice my displeasure that you are allowing Barack Nobama to speak to children in your school without also allowing a rebuttal by one of the many people in our community who would be happy to tell the children how their so-called "president" is really a Kenyan Muslim trying to destroy this country to make his terrorist pals happy.

Can't you at least be fair and balanced, comrade?

So, yes, consider this letter formal notice that I want my child excused from being contaminated by Obama's words.

Who does he think he is?

He shouldn't be allowed to spew his Marxist worldview that kids should do their best (to serve Big Brother!) and stay in school (to keep socialized education strong!).

That's almost as sick as his death panels.

And I know I'm not the only parent who is outraged that my child could be exposed to this person who calls himself president.

(You know who else liked to give speeches? Hitler. Think about it.)

You should hear what my Tea Party friends have been saying. And as for the Glenn Beck meet-up folks, well, they cry real tears for a chance to return our country to its glorious days of Bush-Cheney.

So get ready for a Plan B.

You are going to have a lot of children in your school who will need something else to do at noon Tuesday during Obama's speech.

I have a recommendation.

While all the communist children are listening to the black man who wants to unplug their grandmas, you can have all the real American children listening to the actual leader of our country, Rush Limbaugh, who is, as he rightly proclaims, "on loan from God."

(And I'm talking about the real God. On another subject, would it kill you to require daily prayer to Jesus in your little socialist gulag?)

Anyway, Limbaugh's radio program begins at noon, too. Perfect timing.

Instead of a presidential brainwashing, the students can learn to say "Ditto!" at everything Limbaugh says as he proclaims the kind of truth that millions of his adult listeners have come to rely upon.

It's the least you can do.

And it doesn't involve your teachers, which is just as well, because they're heavily infiltrated with unionist feminazis who for too long have been spreading their own brand of socialism to impressionable kindergartners: Don't push. Share the toys. Play together.

No wonder this country is going down the drain!


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have some squashes (pumpkins?). been told they are called pettipans but not sure how that would be spelt. anyone with info how to really cook them? how are you dana, assume your treatment is over and hoping you are feeling better.

September 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJill

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