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What's Wrong With This Picture?

There is so much that I can write lately, but I don't. I feel somewhat overwhelmed. We have been living in this trailer since December. It's a very nice travel trailer. But that's what it is and it might be all of about 400 sq feet. We have a gorgeous home over on the other coast all staged and sitting empty just waiting for a buyer. We just about have a home here and seem to be in a holding pattern waiting for final closing document preparations. So we have a total of about seven thousand square feet of houses, but we're in 400 square feet of trailer. What's wrong with this picture?

Here's another wrong thing. Last week we went out and bought a new refrigerator. It's a 29 cubic foot Samsung stainless steel French door model.

We also got these

They are Samsung also and each have the steam cycle. They are very snazzy and the color is called Tango Red. Isn't Tango Red just the most fantastic name for a washer and dryer color?  Now, we own these already having plunked down almost 5K for the refrigerator, the washer and dryer and the pedestals. They're just sitting in a warehouse waiting for us the get they keys to the new house. I love love love these appliances. If I were into having sex with inanimate objects, there would be an orgy going on. But no...this morning we schlepped over to the laundromat and put our undies in washers and dryers that who knows what kind of other undies and unmentionables have had dumped into them. It cost us about eight dollars. But hey, that's a mere bagatelle compared to what we shelled out for the Tango Red pair. What's wrong with THIS picture?

To quote the dearly departed infommercial icon Billy Mays, "But wait, there's more!" My daughter and her sons ages 9 and almost 8 will soon be homeless and are coming to live with us in the house we do not have yet. I cannot even begin to discuss this one yet because it is so stressful and if I think much about it, I'm afraid I'll get the screaming meemies and never be able to stop.

Ohhhh and I almost forgot. We received the unpleasant news that we must pay the sellers $2000K in homeowners association arrearage for unpaid dues. The house is four years old and he hasn't paid dues for the last three years. We get to pay the dues plus the attorney fees or the house will not have a free and clear title. I really am beginning to hate this 38 year old idiot who paid 644K for a house and defaulted on 600K of it. What the hell was he thinking? And why the hell didn't he ever clean the oven in 4 years? The damn thing is self-cleaning.

So, how's your life these days?


Reader Comments (7)

>>>We received the unpleasant news that we must pay the dead beat sellers $2000K in homeowners association arrearage for unpaid dues. The house is four years old and he hasn't paid dues for the last three years. We get to pay the dues plus the attorney fees or the house will not have a free and clear title. I really am beginning to hate this 38 year old idiot who paid 644K for a house and defaulted on 600K of it.<<<

Who's your realtor? I would have him pay it because it should've all been in the DROA. Is it $2000 thousands (as in $2000K) or $2,000 X 3 years? Or is it monthly?

June 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDon

And if _I_ were into having sex with inanimate objects, we'd have a menage a trois! Oh yes ... those appliances are HOT. Just got a little French door number myself, and I'm in love!

And as for the rest of the story...oh dear oh dear. You really are getting a workout, aren't you?


June 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterClasina

Mom - I'm coming to do laundry in the tango red machine! Hope to see your new digs soon. Don't forget you share the 400 sq ft with John, Taffy & Rico, so really you live in 100 sq ft.

June 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTina

I hope things are opening up a lot for the two of you by now; I am knee deep in carpet and paint myself these days. We keep saying that in July we'll be back to normal summer fare after this instead-of-a-vacation June project.

I suggest you try to see The Secret In Their Eyes. Wonderful film I thought.

June 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPat

Great, do you mean we are back on the radar? Will scribble again soon but just showering etc and had quick peep at my emails. Jill

June 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJill

Hey Dana, I really hope all goes well with the new house otherwise, based on Tina's recalculation above, that 400 sq ft you are currently sharing with Dad, Taffy and Rico, will have to be shared with me, David and Harry, reducing it 57.14 sq ft each. I hear Stacie and the boys might be coming too. And we'd love to meet up with David, Tina and their children so let's just call it 26.66 sq ft each. Looks like there might be more space than that available in your new refrigerator. Suggest you pop me in there then away from the heat. xxx

June 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLouise

Just read your note. I love your new appliances! Imagine the thrill of doing your first wash! Is it as hot in Ellenton as it is in PBG? All's well with us. Don't forget to let us know when you will be coming east again. love, Claudia

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